Mother loves you but they hate you. 

One day you got lost.

Follow the light and it will guide you home.


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A game made for my internship program called #mojikencamp in about 1 week.


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I enjoy games which give me new perspective on old tales such as this. I regard this as children's philosophy because the story relies on the social bonds which ultimately make a young child sad. The music was really nice considering this was published HTML style, and the arcade feature seamlessly blends with the title page/cut scenes. I believe it would be really interesting to see someone with the ambition to create games like this from the Mother Goose rhymes or some other fairy tales children adore. Overall a different game than what I have seen before, being able to walk away with altered thoughts. Really great concept with interesting features, (love the pixel art!)I only wish there was more!

Hi, thank you so much for the great video and your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Cool game and great story, a little bit tricky and sad song
Overall nice play this game

Thank you so much for playing this game :)